Blossoms of Hope

Our mission is to plant cherry trees and other trees and shrubbery that will beautify public property in parks and local communities in Howard County, Maryland and to raise funds to be distributed to the Howard County Hospital Foundation for the Claudia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center and to other charities.


Blossoms of Hope would like to thank all of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and customers for a fanastic Cherrybration Celebration season!  

We had a busy spring with many Cherrybration activities, including Pink Plates dining fundraiser, Pretty in Pink Luncheon and Fashion show, Pink Greens Golf Tournament and wrapping it up with Power of the Purse!   These activities honor the beauty of the trees and help raise cancer awareness by benefiting the Claudia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center, with more than 1,800 cherry trees blossoming in parks, along roadways, and at county-wide attractions.

Want to visit the trees this spring? See the map tour where they have been planted.

For more information on purchasing trees, please call 443-538-0858 or  see our online STORE.

• Blossoms of Hope offers you an easy and fun way to beautify Howard County while making a contribution to the local Claudia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center. And what better way to to say “thank you,” “I love you,” or “we will never forget you” than planting a living tree in honor of a loved one?

• We also offer Legacy trees – Only 3 available and they are saplings from the original Japanese cherry trees in DC. Plus, we have Maggie Brown Grove trees (20 available) and trees to plant or give as a gift. All can be purchased here.

Our Founders Grove trees in Centennial Park.  

Our Founders Grove trees in Centennial Park.