Blossoms in the Media

Article in the Business Monthly: Blossoms of Hope Brings Beauty to Doorsteps, Beyond

Article in the Howard County Times 2016: Blossoms of Hope Cherrybration Festivities Begin

Pretty in Pink 2016 Press Release

Power of the Purse 2016 Press Release 

Blossoms of Hope is mentioned in the Howard County General Hospital Wellness Newsletter

Video: Sean Harbaugh, Columbia Association’s assistant director of Open Space Maintenance, and Joe Barbera, chair of the Blossoms of Hope Board of Directors give the history of the Howard County’s Blossoms of Hope and discuss events planned for Cherrybration Days 2015. 

Article in Business Monthly: Blossoms of Hope Celebrates 10 Years, Future Growth

Article in the Baltimore Sun: Blossoms of Hope is Howard's Version of 'Blossom Mania'

Article in HerMind MagazinePower of the Purse 2015